Force Vector Training
    This article is important because it provides a conceptual model that will assist strength and conditioning professionals in designing programs that develop strength and power in each primary sports vector. It provides new terminology that more accurately describes ground-based movement, and the terminology could prove itself helpful in predicting the transfer of training from resistance training to performance.
    Paleo, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting: How to Choose the Best Diet for You and Your Clients
    It’s a common question: What’s the best diet? And Dr. John Berardi, a world-leading nutrition coach, is asked that more than most people. Is he in the paleo camp? The vegan camp? Low carb? Intermittent fasting? In this article, Dr Berardi explains why those are actually the wrong questions to ask. He’ll also offer a new kind of question and reveal which nutrition camp he really belongs.
    Why Everyone Needs Core Training
    There is a lot of confusion about core stability, exercise, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. This is probably due to statements and opinion from people who have never measured stability. We have performed many experiments on stability mechanisms together with trials on pained patients and elite athletes that form the foundation for this short article.
    Speed and Skill Optimization with Cal Dietz
    The Speed and Skill Optimization: A Proposal for a New Practice Paradigm article helps coaches use the window of opportunity at the beginning of practices for optimal skill and speed development of athletes. The concepts in this article have been utilized from youth coaches to advanced coaches of the elite athlete. It increases the quality of speed development and utilizes rest time for practicing skill, rather than just standing around. – Cal Dietz