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What's wrong with 6 minutes on the bike?
Karsten Jensen 11/21/2012 5:49:04 PM
Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 3:27 PM
Joined: 11/21/2012
Posts: 37

In the movie, The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham as a professional killer and Donald Sutherland as his mentor, Donald Sutherland’s character has a revolver with the inscription “Victory Loves Preparation.”

If you have seen The Mechanic, you will know that Jason Statham’s character was the prepared one and ultimately did not do Donald Sutherland’s character well!

Anyway, when I was asked to present a workshop on warm-up and cool downs, I thought that “Victory Loves Preparation” was an appropriate title.

Does the world really need a workshop on warm-ups and cool downs?

I mean, what’s wrong with 6 minutes on the bike or jogging around the perimeter while catching up with team mates? The athletes or clients ARE getting ‘warm.”

Next week I will share my perspective on warm-ups and cool-downs and why I created an entire one day workshop on the topic.

However, I am very interested in your take on warm ups and cool-downs:

  • What type of exercises are you using with the athletes/clients during warm ups cool downs?
  • What’s the duration of the warm-up/cool down in the programs that you create?
  • Do you supervise the warm-up/cool down? (Why/Why not?)

To your Success,


PS: If you would like to know, right away, why I created “Victory Loves Preparation” and how this knowledge can make your workouts more EFFECTIVE, please take a look at the seminar description here. 

PPS: Does self myofascial release really work? Check next weeks blog for a review of some of the current research on the topic?